The President of the AAAI Society cites seminal work by IDSIA researchers
02 March 2016
Tom Dietterich, President of AAAI, the (American) Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, cited the work of the IDSIA researchers A. Antonucci and M. Zaffalon during his final speech at the 13th AAAI conference, held in February 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dietterich argued that to enable future Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle more and more important, “high stakes”, applications, it is essential to develop AI systems that are reliable, that is, robust in the face of uncertainty. He turned his attention in particular to robust inference and robust classification, which are made possible by credal networks, as described in the seminal work by Antonucci and Zaffalon. In fact, IDSIA has a long tradition of research about robustness in AI, of which it is one of the leading centres worldwide.