The Mosca Project
Decision Support System For Integrated Door-To-Door Delivery:
Planning and Control in Logistic Chains

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The MOSCA Software Demonstrations

  • Moscashort: find the shortest and the most robust path within the city of Lugano. While the shortest path takes you to destination following a path which is the shortest (in time or distance), the robust path uses a different metric and returns a path which is more robust to uncertainties in travel times. This approach is particularly useful in presence of traffic, when travel times are often uncertain and when the user is interested to get to a given destination within a maximum time, in order to be on time.
  • Moscanet: this web-based application allows users to enter their delivery profiles. They contain information on the user whereabouts at the moment of a delivery of a mail-ordered parcel. This information can be therefore used by dispatchers to plan better delivery routes.
  • Moscashop provides information on free dock access and allows booking of access time slots. It is used by carriers to plan their service anticipating waiting time at the shops loading dock. On the input side the carrier enters requests for dock access bookings. Shops give their accessibility information and instructions for carriers to Moscashop. The timeslots are auctioned through a so-called 'Dutch-auction' in which the values of the corresponding access time slots decrease the closer the time gets to the actual delivery time. By doing so carriers can virtually 'buy' safety by booking time slots sooner than before.
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