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Decision Support System For Integrated Door-To-Door Delivery:
Planning and Control in Logistic Chains

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MOSCA provides a set of computer tools to assist the transport operators in planning their transport services. The approach integrates the urban goods flows and its related infrastructure within advanced off-line and on-line urban transport models allowing authorities to plan, assess and control freight policies according to their needs while private transport operators take advantage out of the model by accessing actual traffic and other information (e.g. “works ahead” on roads or closed lanes).

Furthermore, MOSCA will investigate the possibility to improve transport models by registering, integrating and considering planned transport flows or even planned single transports from private shippers and transport operators.

Technologically, MOSCA will design an information system as a platform for future add value services with several modules (shortest path, tour planner, on-line routing, shop restocking planning) being implemented in this project. Core concept is an application server based on state-of-the-art technologies with open interfaces to services.

Criterions are logistics service degrees on demand side and sustainability on supply side. Input of traffic related events and the corresponding inclusion in dynamic road network models for calculation of estimated arrival times are objectives of the supply-oriented system components. The demand-side inputs data on scheduled transports and on short-term modifications into the information system. This information results from logistics process planning steps for distribution and transport and affect downstream supply chain operations.

Key sub-objectives are:

§         Stimulating optimal use of existing technologies

§         Developing open system for additional modules

§         Rising of high level of acceptance among key actors

§         Enhancing user friendly interface

MOSCA strongly supports the concept that new technologies must answer customer’s need, delivering benefit for the whole Community. MOSCA aims at exploiting project outputs supporting applications in existing and newly developed information systems.

Information system development will be market-led from the very beginning involving both transport operators and relevant services providers across the project lifetime. It is thus expected MOSCA  tools will find adaptation to the existing systems being a straightforward process, with user interfaces having been fine tuned to make it as intuitive as possible.


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