The Mosca Project
Decision Support System For Integrated Door-To-Door Delivery:
Planning and Control in Logistic Chains

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The basic motivation of the MOSCA scientific approach is the hypothesis that all organisations, institutions and citizen affected by urban traffic will benefit from sharing knowledge. Exploiting information only locally available yields some myopic profits, but on the long run, cooperative strategies pay off better.

The vision of the project is to provide an enabling technology that allows involved actors to collaborate on urban freight distribution. Each local authority or company, influencing traffic by its decisions on traffic regulations, road maintenance and transports, is considered to be both a sender and a receiver of traffic related information. The result is a two-way communication concept as opposed to the one-way communication of existing telematics systems. But simply sharing raw data is not of any use for planning and control and has to be processed, filtered and aggregated suitably to become information with added value.

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