Unifying graphical models by credal networks: algorithms and applications (2008-2011)
Theory and Practice of Reinforcement Learning (2007-2009)
Projekt CREDO Phase II: Sensornetzwerke für Sicherungsoperationen (2007-2009)
Model averaging approaches for credible classification (2007-2008)
Distributed Algorithm Portfolios (2007-2008)
Swarmanoid: Towards Humanoid Robotic Swarms (2006-2010)
Approximation Algorithms for Machine Scheduling Through Theory and Experiments (2006-2009)
Recurrent Neural Networks (2006-2009)
A Bayesian Approach for Integrated Cancer Genome Profiling (2006-2008)
Statistical learning from imperfect observations under prior ignorance (2006-2008)
Routing problems with objective function of increasing complexity (2006-2007)
CREDO: Identifizierung von unbekannten Objekten mittels kredaler Klassifizierung (2006-2007)
SEAMLESS, System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling: Linking European Science and Society (2005-2008)
Uncertain reasoning under incompleteness (2005-2007)
Classification of cognitive profiles (2005-2006)
Power Aware Computing (2004-2006)
Investigations on the theory and practice of credal classification (2003-2005)
ORAUE: Optimal Rational Agents in Unknown Environments (2003-2005)
BISON: Biology-Inspired Techniques for Self Organization in Dynamic Networks (2002-2005)
Failure location, restoration and resilience in optical and ad-hoc networks (2002-2005)
Learning Robots (2002-)
General Methods for Search and Reinforcement Learning (2002-)
SWARM-BOTS, swarm of self assembly artifacts (2001-2004)
Metaheuristics Network (2001-2004)
SIRTAKI: Safety Improvement in Road&Rail Tunnels using Advanced ICT and Knowledge Intensive Decision Support System (2001-2004)
MOSCA, Decision Support System For Integrated Door-To-Door Delivery: Planning and Control in Logistic Chains (2001-2003)
CADIS-ANT-Fleet (2001-2003)
DYVO: Dynamic Vehicle Routing and Dispatching by using Optimization, Forecasting and Simulation (2001-2003)
Unification of Inductive Inference and sequential decision theory (2001-)
Resource Allocation and Scheduling in Flexible Manufacturing Systems (1999-2002)
On-line Fleet Management (1999-2001)
Dynamic Memory for Combinatorial Optimization (1998-2001)
PLATFORM: Computer-controlled freight platforms for a time-tabled rail transport system (1998-2000)
A Methodology for Collective Robot Design (1997-1999)
Optimization of fuel distribution using a non homogeneous fleet of vehicles (1997-1998)
Long Short -Term Memory (LSTM) (1997-)
Cooperation and Learning for Combinatorial Optimization (1996-1998)
A Methodology for Collective Robot Design (1995-1997)
A Methodology for Containers Flow Forecasting and Positioning in Intermodal Terminal (1995-1996)
Automatic Containers Flow Forecasting (1994-1995)
Integrating Planning and Learning in Robotics (1993-1994)
Automatic Assembly based on Artificial Intelligence (1990-1993)


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