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Universite Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)
EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland)
University of Rome (Italy)







SWARM-BOTS, swarm of self assembly artifacts
The main scientific objective of the SWARM-BOTS project is to study a novel approach to design, hardware implement, test and use self-assembling, self-organizing, metamorphic systems. This novel approach finds its theoretical roots in (i) recent studies in swarm intelligence, that is, in studies of the self-organizing and self-assembling capabilities shown by social insects and other animal societies, and in (ii) the idea that co-evolution of hardware and control is essential to create systems of great complexity and flexibility without, or with limited, human design and engineering. The main tangible objective of the project is the demonstration of the methodology by means of the physical construction of swarm-bots.
People Ivo Kwee
Giovanni Pettinaro
Luca Maria Gambardella



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