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Fit Consulting (Italy)
Commissione Regionale dei Trasporti del Luganese (Switzerland)
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Interporto di Padova (Italy)
University of Karlsruhe (Germany)
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MOSCA, Decision Support System For Integrated Door-To-Door Delivery: Planning and Control in Logistic Chains
Key project objective is to provide a set of tools for improving efficiency of door-to-door transport of goods in urban areas by collaboratively providing demand and supply side information in one single environment/system. Criterions are logistics service degrees on demand side and sustainability on supply side. Input of traffic related events and the corresponding inclusion in dynamic road network models for calculation of estimated arrival times are objectives of the supply-oriented system components. The demand-side inputs data on scheduled transports and on short-term modifications into the information system.
People Norman Casagrande
Alberto Donati
Roberto Montemanni
Andrea Rizzoli
Luca Maria Gambardella



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