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Power Aware Computing
This project takes its inspiration from the explosive growth of portable, wireless devices and battery-operated embedded systems. In this context energy efficiency has become a critical concern for designers today. Design technologies at all levels of abstraction are evolving with the common goal of energy reduction. The goal of this project is to model the advanced features of the state-of-the-art systems (like power state memory and dynamic voltage) and exploit them to design optimized algorithms that reduce energy dissipation. This is achieved by reducing the number of memory accesses, and by implementing energy optimal power management schedules. In this frame we want to combine theoretical and experimental methodologies to deal with this critical problem. We also plan to develop a rigorous analysis of energy consumption as a complexity measure, in addition to traditional measures such as time and space complexities.
People Monaldo Mastrolilli
Nikos Mutsanas
Luca Maria Gambardella



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