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Projekt CREDO Phase II: Sensornetzwerke für Sicherungsoperationen
Modern military identification problems require the fusion of information coming from several sources and sensors and the combination of the knowledge and of the opinions of several military experts. We model these complex identification problems using credal networks. Credal networks are a generalization of Bayesian networks to imprecise probabilities and are suitable for handling incomplete, contrasting and vague information. We study in detail two particular military problems: the establishment of a no-fly zone around an important potential target (Szenario Flugverbotszone) and the protection of an important object (Szenario Sicherungsdispositiv). The aims of the project are twofold: (i) the development of a theoretically sound procedure for modeling military identification architectures using credal networks and (ii) the development of sensitivity analysis methods for credal networks allowing such models to be used for the evaluation and the improvement of identification architectures.
People Alessandro Antonucci
Alberto Piatti
Marco Zaffalon



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