EPFL (Lausanne, LCA-ISC-I&C, Project leader)
DIE, Lugano







Failure location, restoration and resilience in optical and ad-hoc networks
The goal of this project is to (i) to develop efficient algorithms to locate failures in large scale optical and ad-hoc networks (ii) to analyze and develop protection and restoration strategies after a failure, mainly in ad-hoc networks, and (iii) to evaluate the benefit of introducing two classes of service at the IP logical layer when the physical layer is either optical (IP/WDM backbone networks) or wireless (ad-hoc networks). An interesting output of this project is the comparison of failure management techniques that can be successfully used in optical backbone networks with those applicable to ad-hoc networks. The project is planned for three years with the following partners: EPFL (Lausanne, LCA-ISC-I&C, Project leader) DIE, Lugano and IDSIA. Emphasis given to Ant Colony Optimization, Self-Adaptation.
People Frederick Ducatelle

Luca Maria Gambardella



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