About me

I am a researcher in the Imprecise Probability Group at Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA), located in Lugano, Switzerland. My research interests focus on uncertain reasoning, and more specifically on theoretical investigations and applications of the theory of imprecise probability.

Most of my work is related to probabilistic graphical models: mainly Bayesian networks and their extensions to imprecise probability, which are called credal networks. I am especially interested in the application of these models to classification (this including the multilabel case) and, mostly, the development of knowledge-based decision support systems. Recently, I began to apply these models also to computer vision. At the present moment, I am involved in a research project granted by Armasuisse for the development of knowledge-based systems for military decision making based on credal networks. I work on this project under the supervision of my former Ph.D. advisor Marco Zaffalon.

Some further information about myself.

Please get a look to my resume for more detailed information about myself and refer to my publications list for insights about my research.