CREDO: a military decision-support system based on credal networks

Authors: Alessandro Antonucci, Huber, D., Marco Zaffalon, Luginbhuel, P. and Chapman, I.

Abstract: A software tool especially designed for military domains to create and query decision-support systems is presented. Credal networks, which are Bayesian networks whose parameters have the freedom to vary in convex sets, are used to model the relations among the system variables. A novel elicitation procedure of these sets, which allows the military experts to report their knowledge by purely qualitative judgements, is proposed. Two high-level fusion procedures to cope with multiple experts in this framework are also derived. All these features are supported by the software and demonstrated in an application to space security tested during the last NATO multinational experiment.

Year: 2013.

Details: In Proceedings of the 16th Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION 2013).

A version similar to the published paper can be downloaded.