Fabio D'Asaro - Inductive Logic Programming and Explainable AI
20 April 2023 - 20 April 2023
Room C2.09 - East Campus USI-SUPSI
In the talk, I will present some recent research in Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) and some novel application of Inductive Learning of Answer Set Programs (ILASP) I have carried out with my collaborators in three areas. The presentation will encompass both published results and ongoing work, reflecting the latest advancements in the field. ILASP is a powerful method for learning logic programs under the answer set semantics that has shown great potential in addressing explainability challenges. By exploring the use of ILASP in different contexts, we aim to demonstrate its versatility and the value it brings to the field of XAI. The talk will be organized into three main sections, each focusing on a distinct line of research: (i) ILASP for explaining reinforcement learning agents: In this section, we will present how ILASP can be utilised to generate human-understandable explanations for reinforcement learning agents' decision-making processes; (ii) ILASP for explaining preference learning systems: preference learning deals with the prediction of users' preferences based on observed data. We will discuss the application of ILASP to create explainable models of the preference learning systems in terms of weak constraints, making the process more transparent and interpretable; (iii) ILASP in the context of learning Abstract Argumentation Frameworks. Abstract Argumentation Frameworks (AFs) are a powerful approach to reasoning about conflicting information. In this section, we will glimpse at the use of ILASP to learn Afs semantics. Remarks on challenges and future research directions in this rapidly evolving field will conclude the talk.

The speaker

 Fabio D'Asaro is assistant professor of Logic in the department of Human Sciences at the University of Verona. His research interests deal with Temporal and Probabilistic Logics, Inductive Logic Programming, Reasoning about Actions and Changes and their applications to Explainable Artificial Intelligence. Webpage: https://www.fabiodasaro.com/