22 September 2013

Our Deep Learning won the MICCAI 2013 Grand Challenge on Mitosis Detection (important for cancer prognosis), through the efforts of D. C. Ciresan and A. Giusti

7 August 2013

J. Schmidhuber receives the 2013 Helmholtz Award from the International Neural Network Society

2 August 2013

AGI 2013 Best Paper Award for B R Steunebrink, J Koutnik, K Thorisson, E Nivel, J Schmidhuber.

15 July 2013

AAAI 2013 Best Student Video Award for "Task Relevant Roadmaps for iCub Humanoid Robot", by M Stollenga, K Frank, J Leitner, L Pape, A Foerster, J Koutnik, J Schmidhuber

15 July 2013

D. Deratani Mauá won the Google best student paper award at the UAI 2013 conference - a joint work with C. Polpo de Campos, A. Benavoli and A. Antonucci.