AI in Switzerland: IDSIA at the Swiss Business Hub Italy event
12 February 2021
On Wednesday 17 February, the Swiss Business Hub Italy will host a webinar focused on the high potential of artificial intelligence and its applications in the Swiss industrial ecosystem.

Among the excellences of the Swiss territory, there are various universities and research institutes in the field of AI, including the Dalle Molle Institutes for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA USI-SUPSI). The high quality of these centres is also testified by the presence of the most important global tech companies in the Confederation.

The webinar organized by the Swiss Business Hub Italy, aims at providing incentives to the Italian innovative companies interested in collaborating or expanding in Switzerland.
After an introduction held by Stefan Zwicky (Director of the Swiss Business Italian Hub), Dario Piga, Senior Researcher at IDSIA USI-SUPSI, will  present some current applied research projects and the future perspectives of Artificial Intelligence in the Swiss industry.
Dario Piga is active in the fields of machine learning and automated control; he wrote more than 100 scientific publications and collaborates with several Swiss and international companies managing advanced research projects for the development of AI systems in the biomedical, manufacturing and process control systems.

Visit the event website for further information: click here.