Human and machine: an open challenge
19 May 2021
Cooperazione interviewed Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, Director of the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA USI-SUPSI).

Founded in 1988, the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA USI-SUPSI) is a pioneering research centre in the AI field. «Thanks to the support of the Canton and the leadership of Jürgen Schmidhuber and Luca Gambardella, IDSIA has gained recognition and authority» comments Prof. Rizzoli.

The Director aims at «maintaining this position even in a scenario where the applications of artificial intelligence are widespread and concrete». Indeed, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly pervasive and now dominates in many different fields.

One of the risks is that the current design of AI will reinforce certain social prejudices, or biases, due to the data processed. «Algorithm fairness is a new field of research aimed at removing all gender, race and religion biases from the data used to train the algorithms – explains Rizzoli – The ethics of algorithms will be a crucial issue in the future».

However, there will also be other challenges, such as the impact of AI on employment or on the environment. «Artificial intelligence will be essential for the ecological transition: the optimisation of resources, logistics and construction is based on algorithmics.  But we must be careful with powerful and energy-intensive algorithms, using renewable energy to train them and carefully evaluating the benefits » stated the Professor.

Full interview (in Italian only): click here.