From Ukraine to Ticino: how an IDSIA PhD student is helping war refugees
05 April 2022
Umberto Junior Mele is doing a PhD at IDSIA, co-supervised by Prof Gambardella (USI) and Prof Montemanni (UniMore, IT). Last weekend Umberto went on a trip, but it was a trip of a special kind.

 A couple of weeks ago Umberto and his friend Viktor heard about the growing problems in many Polish cities, hardly coping to sustain the inlfux of war refugees and they decided to take things in their hands and to do something. So they organised a trip together witn the NGO "Amicizia dei popoli" to help evacuate 118 refugees from Ukraine to the Federal Asylum Centre in Chiasso.

More details are available in the nrespaper articled publied on "La Regione" (in Italian).

Umberto and Viktor are still supporting Ukranian refugees through the "Amici della vita" foundation  (http://www.amicidellavita.org/donate)