We have organised our research into four more areas, but this categorisation is just for presentation purposes, as we are highly dynamical and lots of collaboration happens across these areas.

An overview

IDSIA has been particularly successful in the application of Ant Colony Optimisation applied to Combinatorial Optimisation problems. The paper "Ant colony system: a cooperative learning approach to the traveling salesman problem" published in 1997 by Dorigo and Gambardella has received more than 6000 citations so far.

IDSIA is now leading the way in the field of Deep Learning. Our neural networks research team  has won nine international competitions in machine learning and pattern recognition.

IDSIA is a first-class institute for research on imprecise probability. Its imprecise probability group is one of the biggest and most influential worldwide. It contributes much theoretical work on the foundations of probability and statistics and at the same time it has a very successful record track of data mining projects in collaboration with industrial partners.

Our research has often found an echo in national and international news.

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