Cognitive and Mobile Robotics
Understanding the foundation of robotics is essential for building complete knowledge of artificial systems. Our research focuses on cognitive robotics and swarm robotics where machine learning and bio-inspired research activities have a central rule.

The topics of this resesarch area are: Humanoid Robotics, Drones, Robotic Manipulation; High Level Behavior Control; Planning, Execution and Learning; Navigation, Localization and Mapping; Sensor Fusion, Communication and Swarm Intelligence, Deep neural networks, Reinforcement Learning.

IDSIA has a Robotics LAB:  The lab is equipped with many robot prototype, 30 E-TUCK Robot, 30 Swarmbots robots, 4 Pioneer3 AT Robot, 2 Neuronics Robot CATANA 6M, 1 Robertino Robot, 1 iCub robot, many Drones. For our experiments we use an arena of 10x10m2 equipped with a tracking system.


  • Industrial Technologies
  • Information and Communication Technologies

The monolithic approach to robotics, based on the concept that one single unit is able to perform all the required tasks, is questionable when the required capabilities exceed those of one single individual unit. A swarm of robots, an assembly of independent, heterogeneous robots, is a potential answer to this problem mainly when adaptation to unpredictable situations is the critical issue. The software controlling a robotic swarm does not specify any central control unit, and operates purely on the basis of local information. These control strategies are usually inspired by insect behaviour, and are evolved by using generic algorithms and other evolutionary robotic techniques.