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Name and Surname Dario Piga

Department/School/Unit Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence


Office Polo universitario Lugano, Campus Est, Viganello
Polo universitario Lugano, Campus Est, Via la Santa 1, 6962 Lugano-Viganello

Article in conference proceedings 2 Elements

Vescovi, A., Piga, D.& Cominola, A. (2016) Online processing of energy and water consumption data to deliver end use characterisation. In 8th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software. » more details Cominola, A., Giuliani, M., Piga, D., Castelletti, A., Rizzoli, A.& Anda, M. (2015) Modelling Residential Water Consumers ' Behaviors By Feature Selection and Feature Weighting. In E-proceedings of the 36th IAHR World Congress, pp.1-10. » more details

Scientific journal article 5 Elements

Rottondi, C., Derboni, M., Piga, D.& Rizzoli, A. (2019) optimisation-based energy disaggregation algorithm for low frequency smart meter data, An. Energy Informatics, vol. 2.1 (13) pp.1-11. » more details Cominola, A., Giuliani, M., Piga, D., Castelletti, A.& Rizzoli, A. (2017) Hybrid Signature-based Iterative Disaggregation algorithm for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring, A. Applied Energy, vol. 185 (2017) pp.331-344. » more details Piga, D.& Benavoli, A. (2017) Unified Framework for Deterministic and Probabilistic D-Stability Analysis of Uncertain Polynomial Matrices, A. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control. » more details Piga, D., Cominola, A., Giuliani, M., Castelletti, A.& Rizzoli, A. (2016) Sparse Optimization for Automated Energy End Use Disaggregation. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, vol. 24 (3) pp.1044-1051. » more details Cominola, A., Giuliani, M., Piga, D., Castelletti, A.& Rizzoli, A. (2015) Benefits and challenges of using smart meters for advancing residential water demand modeling and management: A review. Environmental Modelling & Software, vol. 72 (2015) pp.198-214. » more details

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Virtual tongue to predict the organoleptic profile of mediterranean ingredients » more details Smart Laser Manufacturing for precision industry 4.0 » more details

Member of the following projects

Distributed control and simulAtion platform to support an Ecosystem of DigitAL aUtomation developerS » more details