IDSIA team publishes on PNAS
01 December 2020
Prof. Andrea Danani together with his collaborators Gianvito Grasso and Filip Stojceski has contributed to a new paper published on the prestigious journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) entitled "TAT-RasGAP 317-326 kills cells by targeting inner leaflet-enriched phospholipids".

This interdisciplinary study coordinated by Prof. Widmann at UNIL, has involved several institutes located in Germany, Switzerland, France and the United States. The research clarified the mechanisms by which a peptide able to penetrate cell membranes (TAT-RASGAP 317-326), manages to kill tumor cells in a manner that does not involve known programmed cell death pathways. The study paves the way for a possible application of this peptide as a supplement of existing anticancer therapies "